Free Weekend!

Across the Battlefield will be free this coming Saturday 9/28 through Sunday 9/29! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and shout it to the world! Or just download a copy, that works too 😀


Finished – Across The Battlefield

Well, after several months of trying to keep on task, I’ve finally finished the fourth round of edits on Across The Battlefield. I’m confident this is the final draft, but I’m going to have a few friends read through for some insight into how they liked it to help me market the collection more effectively. The final word count is 11,772 words and I’m very happy with the way everything turned out. I’ve also signed up for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) so I can start formatting a document with the collection for the (virtual) presses. I’ll update here again, and on my ‘Published Work’ page when all is finished so everyone can check it out. Thank you all so much for the support. Cheers!