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The Boundary

      “The Boundary,” I sighed aloud.

      At last I had made it, the stream that separated the Dark Kingdom from my backyard. I bounded over the stream, not daring to glance back at the minions of his Majesty as they raced through the thicket towards me. They could cross the boundary, but they would not survive long outside of the Dark Forest. If I could just make it another hundred feet, I would be into the meadow near the woodshed.

      As I cleared the stream, my footing betrayed me and I slid through a patch of mud on the opposite bank. I was about to curse my luck when I saw the poison dart fly over my head, through the space I had just occupied. I finally gave in to the screaming in my head to look back, but wished I had not when I did. The horde of dark beasts poured through the forest like a tsunami wave of maliciousness. Fangs, claws and horns raged with howls of anger and hunger as they leaped and bounded through the woods towards their prey. Me.

      I did not take another moment’s pause, but picked myself up and sprinted headlong through the trees toward the yellow light of the clearing ahead. The howling grew louder as I heard the monsters splash through the once tranquil stream.

      “Almost there,” I panted as I pounded the last few steps towards the edge of the wood, the terrifying screams now echoing loudly in my ears.


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