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Honored Enemy

Title: Honored Enemy
Author: Raymond E. Fiest & William R. Forstchen
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Price: 7.99
Rating: 10/10
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Honored Enemy is a stand along novel set during the original Rift War trilogy of Raymond E. Feist’s world of Midkemia. The plot follows Dennis Hartraft, a commando leader of a crack team of Kingdom soldier who operate behind the lines of the Tsurani, alien invaders who have traveled through a rift in space/time to invade Midkemia. Hartraft his a hard man who lost nearly everything in the first years of the invasion and his hatred of his foes is perhaps more bitter than any other character in the story. Finding themselves cut off from their own forces, Hartraft and his Mauraders attempt to reach a safe haven at Brendan’s stockade, only to find it has been overrun by a group of Dark Elves. To make matters worse, the Tsurani had already sent a detachment to the garrison, who arrive about the same time as Hartraft and his men. As the two groups prepare to do battle, they realize the Dark Elves have laid a trap for them both and are forced to band together.

Their journey ultimately takes them across the breadth of the world, into lands where no human feet have ever tread, and force them to work together despite their mutual distrust.

This is by far my favorite book set in Midkemia. The world that Feist has created blends well with the military engagements Forstchen illustrates and I felt this novel really set a tone for the other stories that take place in this time period. This book is a great read as a stand alone, but is also a wonderful addition to the trilogy for those who are familiar with the Rift War. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys hardcore fantasy. It’s a great read and it should not be missed.

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