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Title: 1632
Author: Eric Flint
Format: Paperback
Price: 7.99
Rating: 9/10
Get it Here!

1632 is a historical fiction / alternate history novel, set in Thuringia, Germany in, you guessed it, the year 1632. The concept of the novel is that a town from our year 2000, from West Virginia, is randomly thrown back in time, landing in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War.

The novel offers great perspective into the history or the time period, but also manages to tie together the modern American culture and its clash with the Monarchy-driven culture of the time period. The story is a little slow, but examines the cultural, military, social, and political conflicts involved.

Not to be missed, however, are the excellent battle sequences, with American automatic rifles squaring off against pikes and muzzle-loading muskets. Battle tactics, and a heavy emphasis on the concept of ‘rate-of-fire’ offer a great read for military and historical fantasy readers.

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