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Gabriel’s Redemption

Title: Gabriel’s Redemption
Author: Steve Umstead
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Price: 3.99
Rating: 10/10
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Gabriel’s Redemption is a roller coaster of an action / adventure / science fiction novel. Fans of combat based action books and science fiction themes and technology will feel right at home with the novel. The future in which the novel takes place, during the 22nd century, is a well crafted and deeply engaging one. Gone are the small nations of the world, replaced by large federations. The North American Federation (NAF), for example, is one nation comprised of nearly all of North America. The geography of the future has changed to, with rising sea levels altering the shape of nations and submerging major cities.

The plot revolves around former Commander Even Gabriel, a disgraced former officer of the NAF Navy. Gabriel was discharged dishonorably after his team was massacred on a planet known as Eden, but the details are few and far between. The story follows Gabriel in his redemption in the eyes of his commanders, his new team, and most importantly himself. Along the way, the reader learns a bit about what led to his fall from grace. The reader is also exposed to a parallel story involving political subterfuge and intrigue.

Interestingly enough, I found many elements in this book that make me thing it would also be a good recommendation for those who enjoy futuristic video games. As a game myself, I find elements of popular games such as Halo, Ghost Recon, and Mass Effect, present in the world and technology featured in Gabriel’s Redemption. From space-to-planet assault drops to recon droids, battle-suits to cloaking technology, this book appeals to the senses and has the potential to reach a very broad audience. At 3.99 it is an absolute steal and should not be passed up. The true soul of the book, as I said in my own review on Amazon, is in the military combat sequences. Grab a copy and don’t miss out, this book has two sequels so far and the possibility for more is still there.


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