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Cover – Across The Battlefield

See previous version bellow, here is the new version!

Here is the revised version, hopefully also the last, of my cover for Across The Battlefield. Feedback, comments?


4 thoughts on “Cover – Across The Battlefield

  1. just saw the blown up version… looks like you used illustrator “live trace” looks great small, but the blown up version i click on would be cooler if it were the graphical representation of music on a time line (not sure what it’s called) some heavy metal or really loud static would be cool. Although i do like how the whiteness dips down at first, the same a s a path..

    Another option would be to replace it with a dirt path (whitened) to add some texture, with specs of dirt trailing up/down, and fading..

  2. The black / white spikiness is actually one of the options for a line you can select, blown up to like 100 size. I was trying to go for an abstracted battlefield, burned out tree’s / fences and such but maybe it’s a little too abstract.

    • i got the whole battlefield feel from the white spikiness. I really liked it in the small version, when i clicked on it, and saw the bigger verison…. i kinda looks like a live trace… and less cool… if it’s just for your personal blog, it looks great, for a book cover or something professional, i would play with it some more.

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