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Scope’s War + ATB:OSE Updates

Hello All,

  It’s been some time now since my last post. Work has been very busy and left me with little time for writing. I have, however, somehow managed to find the time to finish the first draft of Scope’s War. The draft settled in at just over 81k words. It’s been a big work, but it feels good to finally have something to start molding into a final product. I’ll be doing rewrites and modifying some character roles in the coming weeks. As any writer will know, it’s very easy to let your story dictate itself and I found myself with a second half that didn’t really match up to the first.

On other writing fronts, I’m also now actively working on the first of two follow-ups to Across the Battlefield. The first, subtitled Operation Soaring Eagle, is based in a future version United States we got a glimpse of in story five from the original collection, Deception. This new collection is much more closely related, with certain characters reappearing later in other stories. In some ways, it is a novella as much as as an anthology. Where Across the Battlefield had only 5 stories, OSE will have 8 or 9. I’m also trying to add a little more insight to the characters and their histories and motivations.

Finally, I’ve sketched out the outline for Across the Battlefield: Volume 2. This will be a more direct follow-up than OSE, with 6 brand new stories written in the same mysterious style as the first 5. The stories are once again staggered throughout history and involve a variety of factions and peoples. It will be up to the ready to figure out who’s who before each story ends.

As always, thanks for the support, it really means everything. Cheers and happy writings!


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