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Brief Update + New Job

All’s been quiet on the writing front recently. I just started a new job this week, working for a startup mobile games developer. As such, I’ve been a little behind in my writing. I recently finished off Ch13 of Scope’s War, as well as the epilogue of the book to set it up for book 2. I’m trying to get back to some kind of writing flow, but things are very busy right now. I’m still shooting, however, to have the manuscript done by the end of September. My hope / goal is to have it edited fully by the end of December and then submit it to the Amazon Breakthrough Author competition. It might be a good way to see how it is received by professional judges and it doesn’t hurt to try. In the mean time, I’ll be focusing on my new job. If you’d like to see what I’m working on, and have an Android or iPhone, you can check out our game, Life is Crime. It is a geo-location based crime game that takes your actual position and converts the maps around you into a game. I’ll try to get another update up with more writing info soon. Cheers and happy writing!


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