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No win for me

Well, I finally heard back from American Short Fiction’s flash fiction contest. Turns out I didn’t make the finals. Kind of a bummer, but then again it was the first paid contest I entered, so I can’t take it too harshly. I think as writers, we tend to think we are better writers and more creative than we sometimes are. On a positive note, I can still work on the story and no one holds rights to it.

On the writing front, I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently, more from lack of time to write than any real lack of inspiration. I’m nearing the end of the chapter I’m working on in Scope’s War. I’ve also been working sporadically on America’s War. I’ve nearly finished the first of the 9 projected stories, and have a good chunk of the next three written out. My plan for the collection has also morphed a little. I’m going for kind of a cross between a short collection and novella. The stories, or chapters, will stand alone by themselves, but they are all taking place during the same conflict, just in different places / times. I haven’t decided if characters will meet each other yet, I’m just letting the stories weave themselves together. As I did with ATB, I will post one of the stories, not sure which one yet, on the blog here so everyone can get a little taste of what’s in store.

Cheers and happy writing!


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