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Long Break, Back in Action

Hi there!

 Well, I’ve been off the blog for quite a while. I’ve also been off of writing for the most part. Summer is always busy for everyone and my life hasn’t been an exception to that. Work has been extremely busy and we spent a week house sitting a while back. All in all, I really just haven’t had time to write much, including adding a new book review for May and June (I’ve got books lined up for review, one of them I’m currently reading.)

I’ve been working steadily on Scope’s War, topping just over 51k in the word count. I’m very close to another battle / firefight scenario so I’m trying to make the chapter leading in to it read a bit more slowly, to really deliver a blow when the fighting starts. I’ve also been working bits and pieces together for a second set of short stories I’m planning to follow my already published collection, Across The Battlefield. While four of the five stories in that collection were historical fiction, the fifth was speculative fiction based on an international invasion of the United States. My next anthology, tentatively titled America’s War: Operation Soaring Eagle, will have 7-10 stories and will be twice to three times longer than Across the Battlefield was. I want it to read like an anthology mixed with a novella, but I’m trying to get Scope’s War finished soon so I can get to editing. My hope is to submit the finished manuscript to the Breakthrough Authors competition hosted annually by Amazon. Once that is in, I’ll begin working more heavily on America’s War: OSE and the planned sequel to Scope’s War, tentatively titled Scope’s Mission. (Book three, the final of the trilogy, is tentatively titled Scope’s Uprising.)

Hopefully I’ll have more progress to report on in the coming weeks. In the mean time, keep an eye out for incoming book reviews for May and June. Keep reading, keep writing!


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