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Scope’s War – Sneak Peek #3

It’s time for Sneak Peek #3 everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you to a few of the characters in the novel. Nothing too in depth, but enough for you to get a sense of who everyone is.

Alex ‘Scope’ Samuelson – The protagonist of the story, Alex is the also the main point-of-view for the novel. The story follows Alex from the death of his parents to his training in Mercenary school and ultimately to his role in the coming conflict.

Rachel Samuelson – Alex’s sister who leaves for the Capital in San Jose after the death of her parents. While she is concerned for Alex, she trusts his judgement and sets off on her own journey of self discovery.

Randy Rourke – Alex’s neighbor who comes to help Scope and his sister after the tragic loss of their parents. Mr. Rourke served with Alex’s father during the Northern Wars, but he has many secrets which he keeps to himself.

Jordan Hawthorne – Mayor of Oakhurst, the city Alex lives in before the loss of his parents. Also mother to one of the young men who attacked Alex’s family. She carry’s a grudge against Alex and swears to see his life end in ruin.

Darren ‘Dynamo’ Blake – The head of Lionheart Security, Blake is another friend of Alex’s father who take the young man under his wing. Blake is the driving force behind Alex joining Mercenary school. Blake seems to have plans of his own that partially revolve around Alex, but like Rourke, he is a man of few words and fewer confidants.

Cassie ‘Gemini’ Hawthorne – One of Alex’s peers and team members, Cassie’s relationship to Jordan Hawthorne is a mystery to Alex in the beginning. Though she and Alex are close, she fears attachments due to her own losses early in life. Like Alex, Cassie’s expertise in weapons lies in long range recon and sniper skills.

Shawn ‘Goliath’ Woods – Alex’s best friend from Basic Training, Shawn serves as Alex’s wing man in all things. Shawn is a heavy weapons expert with a passion machine guns.

Jimmy ‘Dash’ Sanders – Alex’s protege, Jimmy trained with Alex, Shawn, and Cassie, and looks up to all of them. The others consider him both a companion and a younger brother of sorts. Jimmy dislikes fighting, but like being part of the team is often called upon to run enemy lines or blockades.

Sebastian ‘Ghost’ Malwood – Sebastian is something of a rival to Alex. Raised in a powerful and influential family, Sebastian sees everyone else, especially Alex, as being beneath him. Sebastian also has his eyes on Cassie, though it’s not entirely clear what their actual relationship entails.

Jeremy ‘Reaper’ Reeves – Sebastian’s friend and constant companion, Jeremy revels in conflict and takes joy in visiting pain on others.

Drill Sergeant, Roderick ‘Semtex’ Dempsey – Dempsey trains the new group of mercenaries before taking his spot in Blake’s company. Alex regards him as something of an older brother. Dempsey is outwardly honest and rarely lets his anger get the best of him. Dempsey see’s Alex’s potential early on and helps foster the younger man’s abilities.


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