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Cool New Site – HubPages

Hey there! So life has once again pushed out writing a bit and I’m stalled at about 28k words right now.  Haven’t had much time to work on writing, but will be getting back there soon enough. In the mean time, I’ve found an awesome new site, called HubPages. It functions somewhat like a blog, but more like if you were a spider and each strand of your web was a mini blog, if that makes any sense at all. If you want to get a better feel for it, stop by and check out my profile. I’ve started up two ‘Hubs’, one on writing a novel and one on getting into the game industry (two topics I have experience with 😀 ).



One thought on “Cool New Site – HubPages

  1. I was looking for a hubpages clone script or wordpress plugin/theme or anything that I can build a site like hubpages. but there was nothing developed on this. not even a wordpress theme. so, I made this template and edited some codes in wordpress files. and final result is this website.^

    Our very own web-site

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