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Scope’s War – Sneak Peek #1

Hey there and welcome to my first Sneak Peek of my new project, currently titled Scope’s War. These Sneak Peeks are going to be small bits of info or passages from the story and I’m going to reveal once a week as I work through the project. This book is a work in progress but has been sketched out as far as the story goes. The details are what I’m still ironing out so any feedback or suggestions, character ideas or locations, anything you have to add really is much appreciated. This week’s info consists of A) the title B) the fact that I plan for this to be a trilogy and C) the Mercenary Oath, which is on the first page of the story, before the beginning of chapter 1. I hope everyone will keep up to date on these and I look forward to sharing more with you as the book progresses.

The Mercenary Oath

I am a Mercenary.
I serve at the pleasure of my client.
I fight their enemies.
I shield their allies.

I am a Soldier of Fortune.
My loyalty may be bought.
My gun may be hired.
My oath may be purchased.

I am a Professional.
I will complete the contract.
I will uphold the bargain.
I will see the mission through to the end.

I swear this oath now to all.
I am a Mercenary and I fight to win.


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