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Small Update 3/26

Hey There!

Well I’m trying to get back to my blog, since I’ve pretty well neglected it for the last month. If you read my last post, you’d have seen that my brother-in-law is in the hospital, recovering from complications from surgery. He is doing much better the last week and looks to be well on the road to recovery. While we go visit Peter on the weekends, our weeks are beginning to transition a bit back to their normal routine.

That of course includes writing for me. I’ve not had too much time to work on my writing but have notched another 2k words or so into my current project. I’m at about 12k total now and steadily working through Chapter 4. I’m very confident that this project is going to pan out to a full manuscript, despite the trouble I’ve had with previous projects at getting them completed. With most of my other writing, I’ve found I write myself into corners or decide halfway through that I dislike an initial part of the book and that throws off the rest of the writing further down the line. With my current project, I’ve elected to take each chapter and draft out an outline so that I have a general idea of where the chapter is going, who is featured in it, and what the main plot points are.

To finish off, I’ll leave you with just a small bit of info about my project: the book is being written as Young Adult, my first foray into the genre, and the protagonist is, gasp, a young man. Happy writings. Cheers!


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