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Update – It’s been a while

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a little remiss in putting up new blog posts, so sorry for that. My brother-in-law has been in the hospital for the last few weeks, first with a diaphragmatic hernia and then in critical condition in the ICU after going into septic shock.  The family has been staying with him in the hospital pretty much straight through this all, and my wife and I have been trying to be there as much as possible. Any positive thoughts or prayers are much appreciated in this trying time.

All that being said, I’ve been working quite steadily for the past few days on a new project. I’ve hammered out almost the first 3 chapters, nearly 9000 words so far in about six days. After all the stresses and worrying, I kind of found myself focusing more and more on writing to help handle the situation.  I’ve decided to keep my new book a secret, mostly. I find that when I talk about my writing with lots of people, or talk about schedules or when I hope to have stuff done, I get bogged down in the end product instead of focusing on the writing that needs to be done to get there.  So I’m just working along and planning the book out, one chapter at a time. As I’ve said on my facebook page, I’ll be doing a plot reveal when the first draft is finished and I’ve done a couple rounds of editing. Then it will be off to some others for editing (since my brain will most likely be much by then). I’m determined to write a little bit everyday and keep going to the project is finished. 

My only hint is that, unlike anything else I’ve written, this is a novel of Young Adult Fiction.



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