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New Flash Fiction

Not much to update on this week, I have been worked quite a bit less on Spellwar than I should have. On the other hand, I have a little flash fiction piece for everyone. This is from Week #5 of the IndiesUnlimited flash fiction contest. I would once again highly recommend getting involved if you enjoy writing. The challenge is to write convincing flash fiction, 250 words or less, given a situation and an accompanying picture. I went a little more off the beaten path than most with this once, opting to write some short fantasy rather than general fiction.


“He should be here by now,” Rolfe muttered to no one in particular as the drizzling rain collected in pools upon his rough canvas cloak. Once in a while one of the puddles would spill down onto the cobblestone street as he shifted to stay warm.

A noise down the boulevard caused Rolfe to stir. Someone was headed his way, quickly. He quickly reached inside his cloak, drawing his dagger. Peering into the gloom, he tried to distinguish the approaching figure through the fog. Then the figures appeared, black shadows against the grey light of morning. It took Rolfe a moment to realize there were more than the one he had been told to meet.

“That dog!” he said, cursing the man who had hired him for the job. Rolfe was supposed to slit the throat of whoever showed up and leave quietly. He glanced down at the knife in his hand which now felt grossly inadequate. “One, fine. Three, no way.”

As Rolfe turned to retreat silently into the night, he felt the familiar, and unpleasant, prick of a rapier pressed firmly against his throat. He looked up to see the skinny, rat-faced man who had given him the job. The man was dressed identically to the three approaching from down the street. The reason for the assignment suddenly became clear to Rolfe. The rat-faced man just smiled as he saw the realization in Rolfe’s face.

“Give my regards to the Goddess,” he said, raising his sword.


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