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KDP Select

Across The Battlefield is now available on KDP Select.  This program allows anyone with a Kindle and Amazon Prime to rent books rather than purchase them.  I’m not sure as to the details of how many you can borrow per month, but the program has really been taking off. The downside of this is that the book may only be sold via Amazon.  Lucky for me, I had not planned to put it up elsewhere.  I want to focus my energy on Amazon, and it helps that they have the most user-friendly experience when it comes to publishing ebooks.  For anyone who is interested in getting a copy for their alternate device, or one they can print out, I’ve just been asking people to buy it on Amazon and then I send them a .pdf or .epub or whatever type they need.

An other fronts, I hit 15k on Spellwar recently. Things are going great there, I’m really enjoying the way the story is progressing and the way the audience will get to explore my take on the world of magic.  I’m also working on a Spell Guide as I go, which will be included in the book when it is published.  I like having it in there, since it is some extra content, but also because it’s a fun little extra for people who want to learn a bit more about the Arcane world.  I’ve also started to revise the first chapter from what it is now, which you can find under my “Books” tab here on wordpress.  I want to lengthen it out a bit, since it originally started as a short story.  Hopefully I can finish the manuscript by the end of February, that’s the goal for now.

If you don’t follow me yet on facebook, you can check out my author page here! I’ll be posting another update when ATB is fully for sale on KDP Select. Until next time, Cheers and Happy Writings!


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