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Update – Supporting ATB + Next Project

Well things have been very exciting the past week. My book launched on Tuesday of last week and as of last night (1 week of sales) I had sold 15 copies, plus one today. It’s quite a bit more than I had expected so I’m very excited that people are downloading and (fingers crossed) reading my book. I got my first review today, 5 stars, so I’m quite excited about that. Hopefully more reviews start coming in, it would be great to see what other people think of the book.

I posted a picture of some stylized text the other day called ‘Preview – ATB Trailer’. I’m working on a Kinetic Typography trailer for my book (Here is a great example, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail). I’m hoping to get some DRM free music to sync in the background, but otherwise I’ll be reading the script myself. It’ll still be a few weeks before anything is ready for show and tell, but I’ve heard good things from other authors with trailers that it can actually help with sales. I guess that’s one good thing about my background with graphic design is that I really enjoy and have at least the basic skills to design my own covers / ad material.

On the writing front, I’m steadily working on Spellwar once again. I’ve polished off another 2k words so I’m hovering around 14k right now. I’ve been hammering out the story line so that I’m not just writing blind and trying to keep the story from being too action-oriented. The goal for Spellwar is to make a novella, and then eventually turn it into a series of novellas, each as a separate mission / adventure. Based on how I’m projecting the story to progress, I’m between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way through the initial draft so I’m staying focused on finishing it within the next month. It’s going to be a much longer process of editing and making changes this time around. I’m also going to be trying to have a couple other people help me edit, as I only had a couple people look over ATB and it took me four rounds of editing by myself after that before I felt confident in the manuscript.

I’ll be updating more regularly and keeping everyone up to date with how ATB is doing on Amazon. If you are interested in picking it up, grab a copy here! Don’t forget to leave a review and ‘Like’ the page to help promote my ranking 😀 Cheers and happy writing!


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