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More Writing & Some Flash Fiction

With the release of ATB, I’m now throwing my full weight back into my novels. I’m at about 37k for Sands of Eternity and about 13k for Spellwar. Both are coming along great and I think I’m going to start focusing a bit more on Sands since it is much further along already.

On the other side my writing, I recently typed up a little flash fiction for the weekly competition over at Indies Unlimited.  It’s a fun contest each week to write a 250 word pieces based on a picture provided with a prompt.  Here is my entry below. Happy writings! Cheers!

*                 *                *

Jake sprinted through the forest, trees whipping by him on both sides. He couldn’t hear his tracker, the one who was following him, but Jake knew the other man wasn’t far behind. As he bounded headlong through the greens and browns of the woods, he contemplated that fact that his life would very likely not last more than a few more moments.

It had been worth it, though, to see her just one last time. Stella was probably already dead by now, but he’d made them pay. Now there was only one left, only one more to kill before his lover could be avenged. If he could only make it across the dry creek bed, the final trap would be triggered

He’d no sooner finished the thought as the bullet from his pursuer’s gun punched through his back, hurling him flat on his face into the creek bed.

As Jake lay there, staring at the barren stones of the creek bed, he took comfort in the sound of his pursuer’s screams as the man tripped the final wire and impaled himself upon the sharpened pole that had appeared from the trap hidden in the brush. When the rain came, Jake knew his body would wash away. No one would ever know that he had died, and that satisfied him all the more.

“It is done, my love. I’ll be along soon,” were his last words as his words as the dry stones faded into oblivion.


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