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Update – Nov. 23

Hey everyone!

So I’ve gotten a little feedback on Across the Battlefield. Thanks Mom! I haven’t heard back from any of my other sample group, but I understand people are busy and it can be hard to find time to read, let alone critique. However, with the editing I got from family, I’m now able to go through and start doing a major overhaul of editing. It seems I use lots of gerunds (words ending in ‘ing’) and have an unnecessary affection for commas and semi-colons. So for this next round of edits, I’m primarily focusing on grammar and shortening my sentences to make them more clear and concise. I’m also going to be adding a little more to a couple of stories that were a bit vague on certain details. Without spoiling too much of the collection, the stories are fictional history told from alternate perspectives of those we hear about most in History, at least here in the U.S. I try to keep the stories a little vague on details in order to help provoke thought about who the people are or where or when they are fighting, before I reveal the answers at the end. I’m still hoping to get this out by Christmas time, since I’m going to visit the folks in Vancouver and won’t be doing much writing for that week around the holiday.

On a separate note, I’m currently working on finishing Chapter 4 of Spellwar. I’m at about 11k words right now and starting to ramp up the action (including a sequence that takes place on D-Day). I’ve also been working on a Spell Guide for the book, kind a thesaurus of the spells used by the characters in the book. At the moment, it is short and serves as a reminder to me what the spells I created are called and what they do. My magical system is based in Latin, thus all the spells are Latin words and phrases. I’m hoping that Spellwar will be well received when it’s done, being that I’m shooting for about a 30k – 40k words novella. I’ve already got some broad story arcs set up for a series and the premise of the next book in mind, so I’m trying to blast through the first draft of the manuscript for book 1. I’ve recently updated the Chapter 1 of Spellwar sample here on the blog and I encourage people to read it and leave me feedback. I’m not sure if the genre is well explored, but I like to think of it as Harry Potter meet Tom Clancy.

Thanks for visiting and supporting me here, as always it means a lot to know that people are interested in my work even while it is in it’s infancy. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and look for more updates after the weekend!


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