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Quick Update

Hey All,

A quick update here:

Across The Battlefield – Still waiting for feedback on the collection from my sample group. Hoping to have it all in within the next couple of weeks, then edit, and get Across the Battlefield up live by Dec. 7.

Spellwar – Worked a bit more on Chapter 4, writing a scene taking place during the D-Day landing of Operation Overlord.

Sands of Eternity – This is my most exciting news. I finally pushed past my writer’s block and am finishing up Chapter 7. I’ve also decided against writing the book as a split novel. Instead, I’ll be pushing forward and writing the full length in one sitting (~120,000 words), so it may take a while longer for it to be ready. I just want to make sure I do my best with my first novel.

Depending on how well Across The Battlefield does, and I still haven’t decided if it will be free or not, I may also begin another set of short stories, maybe ATB: Volume 2 or something. I’ll update again soon when I’ve got some more progress and I’ll be changing Chapter 1 of Sands soon to reflect some changes I’ve added to it. Cheers!



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