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Across The Battlefield – To the Readers

Woohoo! Just finished up the last few edits of Across The Battlefield. It is now reader review ready (like my alliteration there?) I’m pretty excited about this being done, it’s the first major project I’ve finished. Once I get some feedback from readers, I’ll be doing another run through, making any changes I deem necessary, and then onto publishing! If you at all interested in being party of the test read, I’ll be giving out free copy codes for anyone in the review group, ideally around 10 people. Once the stories go live, you’ll be able to get your own copy, free of charge (though I’m thinking it will only be .99 anyway.) Thanks again for the support and following me along on this great adventure and please don’t hesitate to leave your email address. I’ll shoot you over a .pdf or .doc copy as you like.


7 thoughts on “Across The Battlefield – To the Readers

  1. I think you will have to determine for yourself what the price point will be. It seems that there is a rash of $0.99 eBooks out there nowadays, so I would think that is where you want to be if you want sales. The sales will allow you to charge more for your next work. Thats what Im hoping at least.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Peter. I think you are probably right, but I figured it was worth asking for what other feel about it. Short story collections are still in a growing phase, at least digitally for Amazon, so I’m on uncertain ground to begin with. At least it’s exciting though!

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