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Across The Battlefield – Under Review

Been a while since my last post, figured I needed to drop in again! I’ve been slowly but surely editing my Across the Battlefield short collection. I’m through the 1st story and almost done with the 2nd. Hopefully I’ll be done with the first round of edits / fixes / rewrites by weeks end (tomorrow, yikes). I’m planning on then printing it all out and doing a red pen once-over for spelling, punctuation, etc. Hopefully that will catch most of it. I’ll be getting the stories out to some friends and family who have asked to be the test group and then hopefully, if all goes as planned, I’ll get it out for the market by Xmas. I’m thinking of charging .99 for it, but wanted to see what others feel about paying for short story collections.

Once all that is taken care of, my holiday writing is going to be finishing up my still secret short project as well as the first full draft of Spellwar. I’ve shelved my longer work, having less time to work recently due to more hours at my job and being busy with family stuff / holidays coming up. I’ll stop by for another update once I’ve got the editing done and keep everyone up to date on the progress of each title. Thanks again for the support!


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