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Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was my wife’s 25th birthday, Sunday specifically. We had a wonderful weekend and, like most wonderful weekends, I got zero writing done. I also recently got promoted to a permanent position at work, so I had kind of mentally shoved my writing out of the way for at least this weekend. I did jump back in last night, finishing ‘War Is Deception’, the fifth of five short stories in my upcoming collection, now titles ‘Across The Battlefield’. I’m now working on stories 3 and 4. My short story, the Trench, is number two and one of the darker ones in the collection, but is available free here on my blog if you haven’t already read it and are interested.

I’m also keeping up with my short fiction collection, Flashes of Fiction, which is going to be a FREE to download ebook of about 15 short shorts. Once those are both done, I’m going to be diving in head first into finishing Spellwar and then working my way back around to Sands of Eternity, which was giving my some trouble. I’m hoping to have the collections out by Christmas and Spellwar out early next year. Thank again for the support and don’t forget to check out my sample chapters for the novels and my short stories I’ve posted here!


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