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A friend pointed out I’ve been remiss in updating my blog. Life has been pretty hectic and I’ve been working overtime almost every day. Weekends haven’t really let up so my writing time has suffered. On the bright side, I am currently in the process of putting together two short story compilation, that I hope to have on Amazon by the middle to end of November. Quick sneak peak. The first is called “Tangents: Stray Thoughts to Short Stories” and is a compilation of short shorts (not like the shaving commercial 🙂 ) that were sparked by on online competition I take part in monthly on the Aspiring Writers group on Linkedin. Each story is between 700 and 750 words and I’m shooting for having 10 to 15. The stories are either entries from that competition or they are exactly what the title says, stray thoughts that I developed just a little bit more. The second short story book will likely be .99c, and is a collection of short stories based on various wars in History, written from the POV of the losing side. I wanted to show people that many things they take for granted about modern warfare, especially for Americans, should be approached from different angles to get a real understanding of the issue. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll just have to wait for the book, Across the Field of War, when I launch it. I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for the support!


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