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Contest – Help Name my Villain

Hey All,
I’ve got some exciting news! I am running a contest for the next few days to determine the name for the Villain of my WIP, Spellwar. I’ve got several choices picked out, 7 I believe, but would love alternate suggestions. Any new names must be a) from a Latin root, b) not be Dante, since that’s the hero’s name and c) a male name. Please drop by my facebook author fan page and leave your suggestions, either a vote for an existing name or a new one. See you there and hope to hear from you all!


2 thoughts on “Contest – Help Name my Villain

  1. Will, you are so aggressive (that’s good) on FB but what happened here? Sept 20th for your last post? today is October 11th!
    But at least you figured out how to let people register, I didn’t.
    So give me a reason to come back, like something else to read. Just had to bug you, because no one is bugging me. 🙂 – Kay

    • Kay, yeah I’ve neglected my wordpress, in part because I haven’t done as much writing as I wanted recently and partly because I’ve been swamped at work. I’m getting back into my writing swing though and should have some more material up really soon. I’m also currently putting together a short story collection to get up on Amazon, probably as a free book and I’ll keep everyone informed. Thanks for the support!

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